Warde has quietly gone about his business in the Melbourne music scene for many years and in that time he has released four albums prior to the latest single, “A Small Difference”. His albums feature some of Melbourne’s finest musicians and his songwriting has received accolades from the USA International Songwriting Competition, Australian Songwriters Competition and Unsigned Only (USA). 

A self taught musician, he has honed his skills as a performer playing solo for many years in Melbourne and  throughout regional Australia. His music has also taken him abroad  where he lived and performed in Hamburg, throughout Germany and then Switzerland. Wherever he  performs his raw and energetic style always endears him to his audiences. 

After years of solo performances he formed a band with drummer Ian Kitney to record his first album. The band has  continually evolved since then but there has been one constant for the last two albums - his long time friend and musical kin, guitarist Tim O’Donnell.  He considers himself fortunate to record and perform with so many talented musicians. 

He is inspired by a variety of songwriters but his songs don’t seem to encapsulate any single one of them. He writes rock, sometimes with a dash of country (sometimes more) and also ballads. He draws from personal experience and sometimes adds a little fiction. Sometimes the fiction outweighs the fact. 

Perhaps it is his lyrics, such as the tribute to his father  “I Don’t Call Anybody Dad Anymore”, or maybe the sincerity of his delivery that draws people to his songs. Most likely a combination.

A Small Difference

Warde Elliott & Tim Neal

A new release - teaming up with one of Australia's finest Hammond players, Tim Neal