Warde Elliott & the Nortons

Performing their original music intermingled with versions of songs from some of their favourite songwriters Warde and his musical kin blend folk, rock and country into each set and sometimes into one song.  

Nothing programmed, nothing looped, and sometimes the plan just thrown out the window they will perform their take on each song with their own sound made up of acoustic guitar, electric guitar and piano while both Tim and Pete compliment Warde’s powerful voice with vocal harmonies.  

The band features Tim O’Donnell - lead guitar and Pete Batt - Piano with Warde on acoustic guitar and vocals. Drums and bass can be aded to the band when required.  

Warde, Tim and Pete have recently released a new album, Most Things Lose Their Shine. This is the 4th album of Warde’s songwriting for which he has received accolades in the USA International Songwriting Competition, Australian Songwriters Competition and Unsigned Only (USA). Always creating songs with heart felt and personal lyrics that many listeners can relate to.  

With a rawness, energy and passion in each performance they have endeared themselves to audiences throughout Australia and abroad.  

The Latest Album

Most Things Lose Their Shine 
This is the latest of 4 albums written by Warde and the first full album with Tim and Pete as the Nortons. 
Read more about the album, lyrics and credits